sailing Adventures in the wildest places on earth

Dreaming of slipping between icebergs, watching unknown and unimagined pristine vistas roll into view, accompanied only by the wind, whales and wandering sea birds. Awaiting the magical night when the aurora skips it's enchanting dance across the heavens. This is what inspired us to begin the Narwhal Expeditions adventure. 
 Sailing adventure in the Beagle Channel, Patagonia

Sailing adventure in the Beagle Channel, Patagonia

Find out how you can take part by joining one of our expeditions or creating an expedition of your own

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 Katherine Knight on a sailing expedition to Cape Horn

Katherine Knight on a sailing expedition to Cape Horn

Sharing is what makes adventures great. If you are inspired by any of our adventures, we have a limited number of places available on some of our expeditions. You don't need to have experience of sailing to be welcome on board, just be passionate about adventuring and happy to participate on board. If you would like to find out more or join and expedition, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

Awesome opportunities onboard

Photographers: Amazing landscape, wildlife and outdoor adventure photography opportunities. Accessing areas by sea brings unique perspectives and view points and the land of the midnight sun turns nights into one extended golden hour. Part of the excitement is that we never know exactly what we are going to see, but whatever wonders we encounter, you can be sure of returning with a full memory card.

Adventurers: Wether you have an eye on a unclimbed peak, or somewhere to call home while you explore the Arctic by SUP or kayak, Narwhal is a great base for planning your own adventures.

Wildlife enthusiasts: Narwhal has he privilege of sailing through some spectacular areas for marine mammal and birdlife observation. From towering sea-cliffs filled with a metropolis of nesting birds to gliding through the water in the company of majestic whales, Narwhal offers a fantastic platform for wildlife watching, recording and photography

Sailors: Are you wanting to improve your seamanship skills or build miles? These expeditions provide excellent opportunities to undertake some unique passages and get to grips with high latitude expedition sailing.


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"A yacht is a perfect expedition base for exploring the arctic"

An expedition yacht provides you with a practical and sustainable way to access remote areas. Narwhal offers a self sufficient base whilst travelling for extended periods away from civilisation. Narwhal has comfortable living and sleeping space for 6 people and plenty of room to stow your equipment. She provides warm and comfortable living accommodation, cooking facilities, space to stow expedition or scientific equipment, room to work, plan, edit video footage and debrief, enabling you to get the most out of your adventure or research. The boat is equipped with the latest satellite communications technology, we use these to get our weather reports and details of the latest ice conditions, but they also enable you to access your email accounts and share results, reports and updates with home and the rest of the world.