Arctic Autumn


Expedition details:

Dates: 26th August - 2nd September

Departure port: Tromsø, Norway

Destination: Tromsø, Norway

Total distance: ~180nm



Tromsø, Norway to Tromsø, Norway

26th August - 2nd September 2019

26th August: Joining the expedition

You will join the expedition in the city of Tromsø, often referred to as ‘the Paris of the north’. Located well above the arctic circle, Tromsø is easily accessed by air with transfers through the major Norwegian cities. You will be met at the yacht by your skipper who will give you a warm welcome, and most likely a cup of tea! You will then have the opportunity to settle in and be shown around the boat as well as to explore Tromsø. Dinner will be provided onboard on the first evening, a great opportunity to get to know your fellow crew mates.

27th August: Setting sail

Following initial safety briefings we will be heading out of port and setting sail for the first time. The area around Tromsø is both sheltered and spectacular, providing the perfect opportunity to get used to the boat. The skipper will take you through everything that you need to know about how sailing and life work onboard an expedition yacht. There will also be opportunity to simply soak up the stunning scenery of the arctic mountains and islands.

28th August - 31st August: Fjord-land adventure

With spectacular fjords on one side and the mountains rising straight out of the ocean on the other, this is a truly beautiful area. Full of intricate fjords and deserted islands we will be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding ourselves a scenic and secluded anchorages to explore and spend the night.

1st September: Return to Tromsø

We will spend our final day enjoying the scenery of Northern Norway before heading into port in Tromsø. We will moor up for the night in Tromsø and enjoy our final evening onboard with a nice dinner and time to swop stories, highlights and pictures from the expedition.

2nd September: Leaving the boat

Breakfast will be provided on board with the final chance to swop stories, photos and contact details before either heading home or arranging your own extra days experiencing the vibrant city of Tromsø.

Please note that the itinerary provided above is provide to illustrate the general areas the we will visit on the expedition. The exact itinerary that we follow will be chosen each day by your skipper in order to make the best use of the weather conditions. Since we operate with just a small number of guests onboard, we can tailor the areas that we explore based on your interests.