A spectacular time to see arctic Norway at it's best. The days are lengthening, but the winter snows linger on the mountains lending and extra element of beauty to the surroundings and remaining you that you are voyaging far above the arctic circle. During this expedition, Narwhal will be travelling at a slower pace, giving us plenty of time to appreciate and explore the scenery around us... Time to relax and unwind in an untamed wilderness... Time to compose that beautiful photograph... Our aim will be to sail during the day, find a wild anchorage to explore and spend the night. If you are dreaming of stretching your horizons beyond the arctic circle but are not sure how to take the first step, then this expedition is for you. 


Expedition details:

Dates: 9th - 19th May 2020

Departure port: Bodø, Norway  |  Destination port: Tromsø, Norway

Prices: Individual crew place £2340. Whole boat charter (max 4 persons) £8424




Bodø, Norway - Tromsø, Norway

9th - 19th May 2020

9th May: Joining the expedition

You will join our expedition yacht in Bodø. A vibrant city with regular flights in arctic Norway. We will meet you on board Narwhal and give you a warm welcome, and most likely a cup of tea. You will then have the opportunity to settle in and be shown around the boat as well as to explore the town and get your first taste of life above the arctic circle. We will introduce you to everything that you need to know about Narwhal, life onboard and the research projects that we will be undertaking. Dinner will be provided onboard on the first evening, a great opportunity to get to know your fellow crew mates.

10th May: Setting sail

Following initial safety briefings we will be heading out of port and setting sail for the first time. The sheltered and spectacular fjords around Bodø provide the perfect opportunity to get used to the boat and trial some of the research equipment. There will be plenty of opportunity to immerse yourself in the stunning scenery of the arctic landscape.

11th- 17th May: Fjord Norway

The main part of the expedition will see us working our way north through the sheltered but intricate inside passages. Sailing up fjords and past islands will will have a front row view of the scenery and wildlife. Anchoring each evening will allow you time to enjoy other activities, including photography, hiking, fishing, maybe even trying your hand at kayaking or paddleboarding or simply relaxing an enjoying the relaxed pace of life far from the hectic modern world.

18th May: Arrival in Tromsø

We will spend our final day enjoying the scenery of Northern Norway before heading into port in Tromsø. We will moor up for the night in Tromsø and enjoy our final evening onboard with a nice dinner and time to swop stories, highlights and pictures from the expedition.

19th May: Leaving the boat

Breakfast will be provided on board with the final chance to, swop stories, photos and contact details before either heading home or arranging your own extra days experiencing Tromsø.

Please note that the itinerary provided above is provide to illustrate the general areas the we will visit on the expedition. The exact itinerary that we follow will be chosen each day by your skipper in order to make the best use of the weather conditions. Since we operate with just a small number of guests onboard, we can tailor the areas that we explore based on your interests.