Arctic Autumn

Arctic Autumn


Autumn is coming and it is berry season. Autumn is a spectacular time to visit arctic Norway. The colours are changing and the extended arctic sunset paints the stunning landscape in spectacular colours. If you are dreaming of stretching your horizons beyond the arctic circle but are not sure how to take the first step, then this expedition is for you.

Expedition details:

Dates: 26th August - 2nd Septenber

Departure port: Tromso, Norway   |   Destination: Tromso, Norway

Prices: Individual crew place £1330. Whole boat charter (max 4 persons) £5320

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During this expedition, Narwhal will be travelling at a slower pace, giving us plenty of time to appreciate and explore the scenery around us... Time to relax and unwind in an untamed wilderness... Time to compose that beautiful photograph... Our aim will be to sail during the day, find a wild anchorage to explore and spend the night. Although this is a great experience for seasoned sailors wanting to stretch their horizons a little further, it is also a perfect introduction to sailing and arctic adventuring.