Kit list

Choosing equipment is part of the fun of any adventure. Exactly what you require will depend on which expedition you will be going on but the following is a basic list of the things you will need:

Equipment provided:

  • Warm and waterproof expedition standard sailing suit

  • Offshore standard lifejacket

  • All meals and snacks will be provided whilst on board the boat

  • Cosy bedding and pillow

Equipment to bring:

  • Base layer - 2x warm thermal tops + thermal leggings

  • Mid layer - 2x fleece type mid layers + mid layer trousers

  • Light waterproof shell (waterproof hiking type jacket and trousers) - for exploring ashore

  • Down jacket - a down (or synthetic alternative) jacket, the warmer the better

  • Gillet - optional but a really versatile mid layer, down or synthetic down are great

  • Hats - 2x warm wool hats, ear flaps are great

  • Waterproof hat - a waterproof hat or cap (eg Sealskins)

  • Neck warmer - 2x ‘Buff’ style neck warmers.

  • Gloves - one waterproof pair (ski or fishing type) + 2x thiner fleece liner / spare pairs

  • Socks - 2x pairs of warm socks for sailing + hiking socks for exploring ashore

  • Boots - Wellington type boots. These are needed not just for sailing but also for getting ashore from the rib where you may need to stop into mid-calf depth water. They don't need to be expensive or sailing specific, but they should be waterproof with good grip

  • Hiking shoes / boots - suitable for exploring on rough or wet terrain ashore

  • Rucsac - for on land exploring

  • Underwear - a couple of sets of comfortable underwear

  • Swimwear - you might not fancy a dip in the arctic waters but a local hot tub can be a treat that you don’t want to miss out on

  • Camera, batteries, memory cards etc - it is possible to charge camera batteries onboard but it is a good idea to bring spare batteries and lots of memory card space

  • Entertainment - books, music etc for rest time

  • Toiletries - basic wash kit with travel sized bottles

  • Eye mask and ear plugs - can make sleeping easier in the midnight sun

  • Any personal medications that you need - ensure you have enough to last the whole trip

  • Dry bags - recommended for keeping any electrical kit in and for taking things ashore

  • Head torch - ideally with a red light function

  • Sunscreen - 24hr daylight can be relentless

  • Sunglasses

  • A set of 'shore clothes' for travelling in / rest days in town

  • Passport / visas

  • Credit/debit card for shore based activities or travel emergencies

  • Kit bag - this must be squashy type (not a suitcase) a large barrel type bag is ideal