Toy Testing


My house is starting to feel a bit like a delivery office. Gradually filling up, like a bucket under a dripping tap, with the assorted paraphernalia required for an expedition boat. Everything from bilge pumps to bungee cord seem to keep springing up in increasingly more teetering piles as survival suits jostle for position with horseshoe buoys. I have been awaiting one particular delivery anticipation and here it is, sticking it's nose out of a satisfyingly large cardboard box.

A new Point 65 Degrees kayak. I fact it was't just one large cardboard box, but two, double the excitement! The nifty thing about these kayaks is that they are a two piece design, meaning that they should be easier to store and transport than their one piece cousins. Slot the parts together, do up the snowboard binding style ratchet straps and voila, you are ready to explore. Having put the two parts together it would be rude not to explore so...  It might be Poole Harbour that was the venue for the test exploring but I did still manage to paddle to parts of the harbour that have remain secret to me before.


Having a draft of a few centimetres certainly changes your perspective on the places that you can explore. Sitting so close to the water, hopefully not too close, I think I tightened those straps correctly, is magical for feeling completely immersed in the soundings. This is going to be such a great way to explore the places that Narwhal will visit intimately. Talking of immersion, the getting one's self back onboard should one accidentally take a swim test could not be avoided. So manoeuvring myself a discreet distance from a family outing so that I wouldn't feel like too much of a plonker, it was time to tae the plunge. In the boat, in the water, back in the boat again, with dry hair. I think I will count that as a success.