The list

I was under no illusion that getting a previously loved but recently neglected boat refitted and ready for arctic adventures was going to be a quick and easy task. Stepping on board clutching my three pages of closely typed jobs list, I was determined not to feel too daunted. It's just like any other undertaking, one step at a time. You don't have to tick those jobs off quickly, just keep ticking them off, I told myself. A week of broken parts, impossible to fathom wiring, incorrect tools and all of the instructions and labels on the boat being in Czech later, I was a little dispirited. The three lonely ticks on my list didn't look any cheerier. Progress must have been pretty slow as I remeber at the time considering a day cleaning year old, petty whiffy, unmentionables out of the grey water tank a highlight. It was the sort of job that requires three showers to fully recover from but it was a job and it had been done, tick, yay. I feel only a small amount of shame in admitting that on discovering this job wasn't actually on the list and therefore could not get it's tick, I promptly wrote it on and immediately ticked it. From there things started to look up, jobs got done, parts arrived courtesy of the now busier than normal delivery service and I ticked and ticked some more. A rig check and putting up of the sails on a sunny, windless morning provided a great moral boost. Finally, a job that not only didn't smell worse than an accidental cow-pat-face-plant but even felt a bit like sailing, with the added bonus of providing a good photo opportunity.