Learning to Weld

In the wilderness of the arctic it is important to be self sufficient and to be able to repair all of the systems on the boat yourself. Narwhal being a steel boat is a new thing for me. I am quite used to repairing problems with my boats with a bit of carbon and some epoxy but working with metal is a dark art to me. Time to learn to weld. Cue the Flashdance music. I booked on a course with the Dorset Rural Skills Centre and spent a great day learning about metals and practicing welding techniques under the fantastically helpful supervision of our tutor, Rob. He even set me some exercises to simulate welding a patch into Narwhal’s hull. Hopefully that isn’t something that I will actually have to do but it is great to see small repairs and plan upgrades requiring metal work that I will now be able to do. Welding helmet on the Christmas present list I think.