Best adventure podcasts

How do you stay inspired for adventure and challenges? What helps you to keep pushing forward towards your goals wether they are getting a boat ready for exploring, renovating a house or training for a first 10k? 

One of my favourite ways is listening to podcasts about people taking on challenges and experiencing amazing adventures big or small. They are a never ending source in inspiration, they provide a re-energizing boost when my challenge feels too big and an extra spring in my step when I feel like I can take on anything. These are a few of my favourites which I think you will enjoy too. I'd love to hear if you find them as inspirational as I do. I'm sure there are loads more great ones out there too, I would be great to hear your favourites.


Tough Girl Podcast

Tough Girl Podcast - Great interviews with some inspirational 'Tough Girls'. Some are athletes at the top of their game and some are 'normal' people but all are made really motivational and relatable. The interviewees are women but the podcast is definitely for guys too.

Recommended episode: Erin Bastian - Sea kayak adventurer

Mtn Meister

Mtn Meister - 'Explores the minds of those who explore'. A fantastic insight into explorers on and off the mountains as well as the outdoor industry in general. 

Recommended episode: A behind the scenes look at outdoor athlete sponsorship



Mountain - In the words of Mountain,' Mountain is a show about adventure in wild places. We tell stories about climbers and explorers, lovers and kidnappers, racers, travellers — and even violinists.' All of the episodes celebrate the Scottish mountains with high quality production great storytelling.

Recommended episode: A call for help