Scottish Islands Adventure - Day 5

To: Kilnaughton Bay - Islay

From: Tinker's Hole - Ross of Mull

Distance: 53 nm

Weather: Four seasons in one day

The forecast predicted 20-25kts so it seemed like a good idea to let Narwhal stretch her legs and do some sailing miles. Waking to thick fog which obscured the rocks just a few meters to either side of Narwhal was not promising for getting out of the anchorage. However it quickly cleared and we were on our way. We started off sailing upwind in a building breeze past Colonsay. As we sailed down the sound of Iona, between Iona and Jura, the wind came more behind us. We had some great sailing with all three sails up, it was exhilarating to feel Narwhal powering along in the flat water. It was also pleasing to see that despite her tonnage, Narwhal could hold her own with the other yachts around us.

I had to keep reminding myself that we weren’t racing but I was definitely putting more effort into trimming than was strictly necessary. 53nm later we arrived in Kilnaughton Bay near Port Ellen on the south of Islay and a nice wide bay to anchor in.

Not a bad bedtime view

Not a bad bedtime view