Scottish Islands Adventure - Day 6

To: Bowmore - Islay

From: Kilnaughton Bay - Islay

Distance: 21 nm

Weather: Building breeze

The mission for today was to sample some of the whisky that Islay is famous for. With a strong north easterly forecast to come in overnight our choice of distillery was more determined by the degree of sheltered at the anchorage rather than a favourite malt. So it was by a fluke of the weather that we arrive in Bowmore on the day of their annual whisky and music festival. After no seeing another person for nearly a week the huge crowd was a bit of a culture shock, quickly recovered from by discovering that the festival meant free samples for everyone. As Eric said, there is only one thing better than whisky, free whisky! We learnt that the festival was part of a 10 day whisky festival where different distilleries in Islay and Jura hosted the festivities each day and that a lot of people had made the trip from all over the world to sample their wares.

Whisky ahoy!

Whisky ahoy!

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