Scottish Islands Adventure - Day 7

To: Ardbeg - Islay

From: Bowmore - Islay

Distance: 32 nm

Weather: Rain at first, rain later

What a start to June! It began to rain as I first stepped on deck and was still going when I went to sleep. We sailed upwind into the remains of the swell from last night’s wind with rain pouring off every part of the rigging. The florescent yellow and blue ‘Fladen’ suits, designed for the fishing industry and advertised as “as seen on Deadliest Catch” have proved to be ideal for sailing in ‘soft’ Scottish weather.

We weren’t to be deterred by the weather, we were on a mission. This time it was to make it in time for a tour of the Lagavulin Distillery. Once again the race was on and Narwhal did herself proud, getting us there with just enough time to spare to get out of our wet gear.

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