Day 1 - Craobh Haven to Port Mor

Jobs have been done, stores have been loaded and quite suddenly it is time to wave goodbye to Craobh Haven. The place that has been such a lovely summer home base for Narwhal. Our plan is to wend our way north to Mallaig where we will meet some friends who will be joining us for a taste of adventures onboard Narwhal.



Leaving Craobh, we headed out past (but not through) the infamous Corryvreken. We chose instead to work our way up through the Sound of Luing. This beautiful passage turned out to be a real treat with wild and rugged islands on both sides. We continued northwards, the rain caught up with us, boo, and then overtook us, yay! Leaving us with a scattering of rainbows. A most exciting event occurred as we entered the sound of Mull, our first harbour porpoise sighting!


Swiftly followed by another exciting event, our first hot meal of the adventure. A whole host if kittiwakes, some Manx Shearwaters and a couple of Skua accompanied us as we made our way to our first anchorage. Narwhal rode gently on the breeze as the sunset painted the sky outside the sound beautiful colours. I couldn’t help but feel that it was beckoning us on for an adventure.