Guide to our 6 favourite anchorages in Norway

These are some of our favourite anchorages that we visited during our sailing adventures in Norway. Visiting these places is an experience to wonderful not to share so we have also put together a short guide to visiting each of these anchorages for yourself. Reading all the information in the cruising guides is great for choosing yourself an anchorage for the night, but being able to see what it looks like from the water add another dimension. We have included on the water footage for each anchorage so that you can see for yourself what it looks like before taking your boat there, think of it like ‘Streetview’ for anchorages. We have put our plotter screen grabs in for good measure too so you can see just how we navigated in and out.

If you are joining us for an expedition on Narwhal the films will give you a snake peek at some of the places yo might be visiting. Enjoy being transported to these wonderful places

6) Halholmen

There aren’t that many anchorages where you can regularly wave to passing Viking ships but Halholmen is one. A short rib dinghy from the anchorage is a small island with a surprising viking connection. Follow the viking ship and enjoy the island including an interesting film about sailing around the world in a viking boat

Adventure sailing anchorage guide - Halholmen Norway


5) Kjellbotn

On the island of Landegode, Kjellbotn has that great combination of shelter, stunning scenery. Clear waters, soaring mountains, it’s not a bad spot for fishing either. There is easy access ashore for walking or enjoy the sheltered water from your kayak, paddle board or snorkel.

Adventure sailing anchorage guide - Kjellbotn, Norway


4) Faerøya

This is a great place to shelter if conditions aren’t favourable. Completely surrounded by low lying hills with good holding and dramatic mountain scenery as a back drop.


3) Moyhamna - for Torghatten

In Norwegian folk-law the hole in the mountain was formed when a king shot an arrow through it in a battle over a troll maiden. It is an iconic sight. It is possible to hike up and stand in the hole if you anchor in Moyhamna.


2) Vettøya

This is a pretty, secluded anchorage in the Vestfjord area. A lovely spot to watch sea eagles from. While you are watching keep your eyes peeled for moose, one swam right past our boat.


1) Holandsfjord

Sailing up to the foot of a glacier, mooring up and hiking up to the ice. This is one of my all time favourite sailing experiences! Watch the guide to see where to moor, the facilities on shore and the routes to access the glacier. Wether you are hiking up to the ice, staying in the mountain hut, skiing the glacier or simply soaking up this magical place, this is a really special place to visit.