Top tips for beach cleaning

Our top tips for beach cleaning


Beach cleaning is fun, doesn't require lots of equipment and will make a real, positive contribution to the environment. Sometimes it is hard to know what action you can take yourself that will help the environment. This is where beach cleaning is great. It is simple, direct action that brings a positive benefit. You remove five pieces of litter, that's five pieces of litter less polluting the environment. Awesome, good work, you can know that you have made a positive change. Here are our tips on being that positive change.


1) Choose your beach


Maybe this will be your local beach or somewhere you are visiting. Either way you should ensure that you are allowed to access it. It is also important to check on the weather and the tides to make sure you can carry out your clean up safely.


2) Kit your self out

Beach cleaning isn't exactly massive on the equipment requirement front. Some bin bags to collect your rubbish in will obviously be necessary. Not necessary but nice are some circular bag holders to keep the top of the rubbish bag open. Especially helpful if your beach is a bit windy.


3) Protect yourself

Wear strong gloves, such as gardening gloves to protect your hands from sharp or contaminated rubbish. A litter picker is a great idea too.


4) Make your results count

Want to help tackle the causes of beach litter? Then how about taking part in the Marine Conservation Society's Beach Clean. They survey all of the rubbish collected in a standarised way so the results can be used by researchers working on finding solutions 


5) Bring your friends

Everything is better with friends. The more people you invite to join you the more litter you will be able to collect, the more fun you will have and most importantly the more people you will inspire to pass on the message.


Have Fun!