Experience life on board

After a winter with lots of work on board Narwhal, getting her ready to take on adventures in the far north, it is really exciting to be entering the final phase of preparation. Filling the water tanks, getting all of the provisions tucked away and taking a close look at the charts are always signs for me that adventures are just around the corner!

It has been so great to have the support of each and every one of you through the winter, now we want to return the favour by sharing our adventures with you. There are loads of ways that you will be able to share our experiences on board. 



I will aim to put out a video of each of our expeditions, giving you an up close insight into life on board Narwhal. These will be straight from the horse's mouth. You will be able to hear about our expedition reports, experience the places we visit and meet the people and wildlife that we encounter. Editing time permitting there will also be a more polished video of the highlights of each trip. I will be putting each of these up on our YouTube Channel, you can head there now and subscribe to make sure that you don't miss on any of our updates.  


Photos, log updates and wildlife sightings

Marine Traffic vessel homepage

Marine Traffic vessel homepage

I'll be sharing photos from our expeditions, reports of our ocean science projects and sharing our stories on Narwhal's Log.


Track Narwhal's position

If you want to see where in the world we are you can follow our AIS position via Marine Traffic. This uses our VHF system so Narwhal will only show up when we are reasonably close to shore. We will have a global satellite tracking system up shortly which I will share the details of as soon as I have them.


Be part of the crew

I am so excited that some of you will be experiencing Narwhal's adventures first hand by joining us on board! We have a couple of places remaining, if you fancy exploring the arctic under sail or doing your bit for environmental research you can sign up for a place here


We are really looking forward to sharing our sailng adventures with you