Arctic sailing kit list - what to wear for sailing in the arctic

Arctic sailing expedition kit list

Arctic sailing expedition kit list

One of the questions that I get asked about a lot is how cold is it sailing in the arctic and what do you need to wear on one of our arctic expeditions? You can read our kit list for a full list of our recommendations, but sometimes a list can be a bit dry and not really give you the feel for the layers that you will want to wear from day to day. So I have made a couple of videos; the first shows you what I wear for sailing in different temperature ranges and shows you some of the bits of kit I wouldn’t be without. The second takes you through the kit list that we recommend for anyone joining us on one of our expeditions, or taking their own arctic sailing adventure for that matter.


What to wear for sailing in the arctic

These are the layering systems that I use for arctic sailing expeditions. As with all gear choices everyone experiences temperatures slightly differently and there is always an element of personal preference. These are just my preferences, feel free to share yours or any other great gear tips in the comments section.


Arctic expedition sailing kit list

This is takes you through examples of all of the items of gear on our arctic sailing expedition kit list, including some little extras that will make your time onboard more comfortable.