Clean Up the Arctic film premier!

Our ‘Clean Up the Arctic’ expedition film premier is here!

Here it is… the premier of our Clean Up the Arctic expedition film!

It is our aim on board Narwhal to share our love of the ocean environment, inspiring everyone to love, value and protect it. One of the ways we like to do this is to show case the wonderful places that we visit and the hard work put in by all of our crew, not just those on the dedicated clean up expeditions, but everyone who joins us on board and is inspired to share their experiences of the wild places that they have seen.

This season we were lucky to have shared these adventures with an exceptional crew. We experienced the arctic wilderness first hand, were touched by the power of it’s wildlife encounters and shocked by our discoveries of the effects of plastic pollution. This is your chance to get a first look at the Clean Up the Arctic Expedition short film.

You can help us to inspire more people to fall in love with the ocean wilderness and illustrate how taking action is something that everyone can do! Forward this email to your friends, click the ‘share’ icons on below and lets make sure as many people of possible are aware of the challenges facing our wonderful arctic!