How to win a place on an arctic ocean research expedition

Have you ever wanted to

  • Explore the arctic?

  • Take on a sailing expedition in the frozen wilderness?

  • Play your part in tackling plastic pollution in our oceans?

  • But found yourself lacking in the funds to make your dream a reality?

  • Look no further, we have the solution…

Win a place on this sailing adventure in the arctic

Win a place on this sailing adventure in the arctic

A chance to win a place on one of our arctic ocean research expeditions!!!

This year we will be running two expeditions in Svalbard with a focus on researching and tackling plastic pollution and we have the chance for you to win a place on one.

So many of you have told us how despite your passion for this issue and strong desire to take this on and help our planet, funding has been the stumbling block to your ability to take part. Well here is my solution… It’s a really simple concept, make a pledge of just £5 to our crowdfunder initiative and you will be in with a chance to win a place on the expedition. Just like a raffle, the more entires you make, the more chance you will have of winning. 

One lucky ocean lover will be winning the experience of a lifetime… Will it be you?

This expedition will start in Svalbard and finish in Northern Norway, allowing us not just to research the issue of plastic pollution on arctic beaches but also to collect valuable data from the rarely visited Barent’s Sea. During the expedition you will have the chance to take part in our research objectives, monitoring beach litter, we will also be conducting beach cleans on remote arctic beaches that are far from civilisation and so the plastic that accumulates there doesn’t get removed. We will also be monitoring wildlife including whales around the shores of Svalbard and during our ocean crossing to Norway. As we cross the ocean, we will also be monitoring micro plastics and debris in the open ocean.

All this and at the end not only will you have done your bit to help remove plastic from the oceans and furthered our understanding of the problem, but you will have completed a sailing passage that very few people have done.

The draw closes at 1900 GMT on 10th March, so make sure you get your entry in. Good luck everyone!!!

Katherine KnightComment