Research Expedition Fundraising

It’s great that you are interested in taking part in our ‘Clean Up the Arctic’ ocean research and clean up expedition. Here is some advice on how to super charge your fundraising and secure your expedition slot.


Fundraising target

Each participant on board the expedition will need to raise £3500 in total by the 3rd April 2019. This can be any combination of grants, crowdfunding, personal contributions, cake sale, you name it! Check out the ideas below for loads more ways to raise funds for your place on the expedition.

Securing your place

Each participant will need to rase a non-refundable deposit of £875, as soon as we receive this your place on board is secured!


Helping you with your fundraising

We want to make your fundraising as easy and successful as possible. Here’s how we can help you:

  • We will provide you with information and media on the importance of the expedition’s objectives which you can use in your fundraising campaigns. Request our fundraising information pack.

  • Want to share more about the expedition’s story to support your fundraising? Katherine and Eric are happy to participate in interviews to help build your fundraising story

  • Promoting your fundraising. Got your awesome fundraising campaign ready to go but want more people to see it? We will help you promote your fundraising through all of our online channels.

  • Fundraising tips and ideas

    Top tips for fundraising:


Fundraising events

There are loads of types of fundraising events that you could organise to raise money for your trip. These can be great fun, give donors something back for their investment, even if it is only a cake, and generate awareness and interest in your project. Or how about one of these alternative ideas:

Cake sale anyone? - It might be a classic but cake and coffee are still on of the most popular fundraising ideas. Try putting your own modern twist on it.

Throw a ball, dance, disco or a general party - A great fun way to raise funds and spend time with friends

Raffle time! - There are loads of ways to raffle up your funds. Try asking local companies to donate prizes in return for the exposure they will get at your raffle. Or how about a raffling some of your skills. What about a 50:50 raffle, you don’t even need anything to raffle off, the only prize is half the takings, the other half goes to you fundraising..

Organise a beach clean - This is an ocean cleaning expedition after all! Ask for contributions from everyone who takes part.

Non-single use challenge - Raise money and awareness. Get all your friends, family and work colleagues to sponsor you to go single-use plastic free for a week, two weeks, a month.

Matched Giving - Whether you’re raising money in the office or outside of work, ask your employer about matched giving. Lots of companies will double the amount raised by their employer so don't be afraid to ask.

Put your outsidethe-box thinking hat on, I’m sure you can think of loads more.


Philanthropic/ crowd funding

Vestfjord-60 copy.jpg

You may be lucky enough to find an individual donor who likes what you are doing and wants to support it. Crowdfunding is becoming a popular variation on this where lots of donors give small amounts of support. Usually in return for some token from you such as a signed photo of you being awesome. There are lots of crowd funding websites, we have used Crowdfunder with great results. We can provide you with expedition information and media to help you get your site looking amazing. Although the crowdfunding site will host your appeal and deal with collecting the money it is still down to you to drive the traffic to your crowd funding site so get sharing, we are happy to help out sharing your site too.


There are lots of grants out there supporting people like you to take on adventurous activities, especially those that help the environment like this expedition. Kathy O’Dowd’s excellent website The Business of Adventure has a list of grants to get you started as well as loads more great information in funding your adventure. You could try looking into scientific grant funding as well as at grants targeted at tackling plastic pollution.

Writing and speaking

This is going to be an amazing adventure with an important environmental message, a story that lots of people are going to want to hear. Why not arrange to speak to local groups about it or contact the press about commissioning an article on your experiences?

Personal contributions/saving

Asking of money can feel scary but can reap rewards. Start with those close to you such as friends and family, these are the people who really care about you and want to see you succeed.

Saving a little money can sometimes be easier than raising it. For example, not buying takeaway coffees could save you £1000 in a year, that’s a big chunk of your adventure fund.

The ways of fundraising are almost endless, let your imagination run wild and see what you can come up with. Don’t forget to let us know about your fundraising efforts and we will be sure to share them.

Happy fundraising!