sailing adventures in the most amazing wildernesses on Earth


Small group sizes

Narwhal may not be a small yacht, but we like to keep the number of expedition crew onboard small. Usually sailing with a maximum of six, this allows you the opportunity to get as involved as you like in sailing the boat, spend time on the helm as well as have plenty of time and space to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. Narwhal is particularly well suited to groups, wether you are thinking of travelling with a group of old friends, your adventure buddies, or your family, you could have your own private charter with as few as 4 people. Get in touch if you are interested in your very own expedition.


Adventure with purpose

We are all aware of the challenges facing our ocean. The negative messages from the media can seem overwhelming and make us feel powerless. We have seen first hand both the challenges facing the ocean but also that everyone of us can be a part of the solution. As Narwhal explores the remote corners of the world, many only accessible by boat, we gather data on the ocean and wildlife we encounter, enabling scientists to learn more about these environments and how to protect them. On each of our expeditions, you will have the chance to get involved in these projects. This is your opportunity to know that your adventure has a true purpose and that you have made a positive contribution to ocean protection.


say yes to adventure

We believe that adventure is the essence of life. We all have a desire to never stop discovering, looking over the next horizon and learning more about the fascinating world around us. The memories and friendships that you forge during adventures last a lifetime. Don’t let your adventure pass you by. Allow yourself to un-plug from the modern world for a while, become surrounded by nature and immerse yourself in the experience. Say yes to adventure!


Leave the details to us

Undertaking a big adventure is a magical and life changing experience but the time spent out in the wild is only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much that goes on beneath the surface, from preparing and provisioning a capable expedition boat to applying for permits, planning, finding moorings, getting a crew together and taking care of the day to day life onboard such as cooking and cleaning. Let us take care of all the beneath the surface stuff, leaving you to maximise your time enjoying the experience and and giving you the freedom to expand your horizons.


Great food

There is a saying that an expedition marches on it’s stomach and we believe this applies just as much to sailing. Throughout the expedition all of your food will be provided on board, although there will be the chance to try your hand at catching your own if you fancy. All expedition food needs to be warm and hearty but we like to do that little bit extra to make meal times special and enjoyable. We pride ourselves on serving interesting and enjoyable meals to suit all tastes including vegetarians and vegans.


Peace of mind

Experienced and responsible crew. You can be sure of a warm welcome from Katherine and Eric when you step onboard. As the owners of the capable expedition yacht Narwhal they know the boat inside out, as well as how to get the best out of the Narwhal and ensure you have the best experience, whatever the conditions. Your safety is always our number one priority but our responsibilities don’t stop there, we are always conscious of the need to respect and protect the environment and wildlife that we love so much. You can rest assured that not only are you in safe hands but that the wildlife around us is too.


Thank you Narwhal Expeditions for hosting such a great trip for us sea kayakers. For your logistics and support, the sailing experience, your food and your very good company.
— Sinclair, Castle Craig's Canoe Club


Some experiences are so special that they just have to be shared, online, on a phone call with a loved one, with the wider world or with old friends around a crackling camp fire; stories of adventures have inspired countless generations of explorers. These are just a few of Narwhal tales that have been documented, who knows what discoveries they will inspire…