Wildlife watching and surveying from yacht Narwhal


Some of the wonderful wildlife encounters that we have had from Narwhal


a wildlife experience like no other

By sail boat is a fabulous way to encounter wildlife. Using the wind to move through the ocean brings a first hand experience of ocean life in it’s element like no other. From on board Narwhal you can enjoy these amazing encounters, fill your memory cards with photos and videos or take part in our marine research voyages.

Interested in taking part in marine research?

You can join us on board yacht Narwhal and take part in whale and dolphin monitoring as well as get involved in our mission to tackle plastic pollution on our Clean Up the Arctic expeditions. You don't need any specific sailing or wildlife monitoring skills or experience, our knowledgeable and experienced crew will provide you with all of the training and assistance that you need. All of the data that we collect on board Narwhal is feed into projects that inform wildlife protection and policy making. Your contribution will make a real difference to protecting the ocean ecosystem and our wonderful ocean wildlife. Narwhal Expeditions is a WiSe, Wildlife Safe Operator, so you can be sure that we minimise our impact on wildlife and the environment in all of our activities.

Whale watching on yacht Narwhal

Whale watching on yacht Narwhal